Ongoing Collaborations


David Dorfman Dance: Aroundtown

Composed by Sam Crawford, Liz de Lise, and Zeb Gould. Performed with Jeff Hudgins. Directed and choreographed for BAM Next Wave festival by David Dorfman, 2017.

Yara Travieso: La Medea

Original music and libretto by Sam Crawford.  Music performed live by Liz de Lise, Zeb Gould, Jeff Hudgins, Anthony Mascorro, and Timothy Quigley. Written, directed, and choreographed by Yara Travieso, 2017.

Sam Green and Brent Green: Live Cinema

Self-taught stop-motion animator Brent Green and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sam Green (The Weather Underground) narrate the best of their short films live in this singular performance experience, featuring Foley sound by artist Kate Ryan and live music by Brendan Canty (Fugazi), James Canty (Nation of Ulysses), and Becky Foon (Silver Mt. Zion). Live sound design by Sam Crawford.

Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company: The Analogy Trilogy

Bill T. Jones with Associate Artistic Director, Janet Wong and his company created the Analogy Trilogy over the course of four years. It is an investigation of memory, storytelling and form. Sound design by Sam Crawford.