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Sam Crawford completed both his B.A. in English and A.S. in Audio Technology at Indiana University in 2003. A move to New York City led him to Looking Glass Studios where he worked as an assistant engineer on film projects with Philip Glass and Björk. These early experiences profoundly shaped his thoughts on music and music-making, inspiring a process that relies on instinct to generate raw material and method to refine that material into finished works.

A multi-instrumentalist on electric guitar, lap steel, banjo, piano, organ, and trumpet and called one of “a fiercely intelligent, talented crew of players” by the New York Times, Crawford’s recent compositions and sound designs have included works for the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company (Another Evening: Venice for the Venice Biennale, 2010), Camille A. Brown and Dancers (BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play, 2016),Yin Mei Dance (Scent of Time for the Beijing Dance Academy, 2010), Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion (Pavement for Harlem Stage, 2012), and David Dorfman Dance (Aroundtown for BAM’s Next Wave Festival, 2017), and Yara Travieso (La Medea at PS122’s Coil Festival, 2017).

Crawford acts as both music director for David Dorfman Dance and as sound supervisor for the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company.

Crawford currently resides in Brooklyn where he works as a freelance composer, designer, and engineer. He also performs in various groups in NYC and abroad, including Bowery Boy Blue (Brooklyn) and the country and western trio Corpus Christi (Rome). 



Sam Crawford